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Nature’s Liberty Forskolin Maximum Potency Coleus Forskohlii Root Extract. 250mg. 20% Standardized. Burns Body Fat. 100% Natural. Pure Premium. Increases Weight Loss. Reduces High Blood Pressure. Helps Suppress Appetite. Helps With Insomnia. Enhances Lean Body Mass. Reduces Bladder Infections. Breaks Down Fat Tissue. Speeds Up Metabolism. Natural Weight Loss Supplement.

Highly Recommended By Weight Loss Gurus. Contains 20% Forskolin. Breaks Down Fat In Cells. Enhances And Speeds Up Your Metabolism. Increases Lean Muscle and Bone Mass. No Side Effects. Safe Non-Drug Formula. Each Bottle Contains a 60 Day Supply, however 2 servings per day for 30 days typically produces outstanding results. Made in the USA. Miracle Flower To Fight Fat.


  • At last, diet pills that work! You have just landed on the highest quality Forskolin product available. You will enjoy the highest quality 20% standardized, pure premium Forskolin; aids weight loss. Lose weight naturally, fast, and without dieting. These are some of the best diet pills on the market today!
  • When you open your door and see your box lying at your feet, tear it open, and start your journey into improved health, and natural weight loss. Ideal as both a men’s and women’s health supplement.
  • Your body is sure to love you when you start using our premium weight loss products. Many of our customers have been so satisfied with the purity of our product they have returned again and again. Works perfectly alongside the Dr. Oz diet and other weight loss programs, including weight loss shakes. Lose belly fat fast!
  • Consider grabbing more than one to share your healthy lifestyle with a friend. To avoid running out, pick up 2 bottles. Order now!

2 reviews for Forskolin

  1. Amy J.
    5 out of 5


    I have been looking for a good natural dietary supplement I could take that would help me with continuing my weight loss. I came across this product and reviewed the ingredients and I was pleased that it’s a vegetarian supplement with natural ingredients. Once I started taking it on a regular basis, I noticed that I wasn’t feeling jittery, or nauseous like I have felt with other pills. I take this in addition to an improved diet (working on it), and exercise, and I am so thrilled with the results! I have no problem sleeping through the night, and feel satisfied through the day. I purchased this to help me lose the last few stubborn pounds. It has been about a month now since I have started, and I have lost 8 pounds, which for me is a huge milestone! I plan to continue using this for another few months to lose another 10 pounds. This works amazingly well as an appetite suppressant too, and helps to fight against my urges for foods high in saturated fat, and sugar. Where other supplements that I have tried have failed, I found this to be the best one out there that gave me the best results!

  2. Josh
    5 out of 5


    I have never heard of this before this website. BUT I needed something that would take down my high blood pressure without getting a prescription from a doctor. This did the trick. Slowly, I was told that my pressure was back to a normal range and I feel good overall!

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